We are thrilled to announce that BARİKAT Cyber Security Group has recently been granted acceptance into the prestigious The International Air Transport Association (IATA) Strategic Partnerships Program. This marks a significant milestone in our journey towards enhancing global cybersecurity standards in the aviation sector.

IATA is a global trade organization for the airline industry, representing approximately 320 airlines or 83% of total air traffic, including world’s leading passenger and cargo airlines. IATA supports many areas of aviation activity and helps formulate industry policy on critical aviation issues.

The IATA Strategic Partnerships Program is a platform for aviation solution providers to build and strengthen relationships with key industry stakeholders. It offers unique opportunities for dialogue, networking, and collaboration on a global scale, focusing on areas such as safety, security, and sustainability in the aviation industry.

Benefits for IATA Partnership Program

Enhanced Industry Collaboration

As a member of this program, BARIKAT Cyber Security Group of Companies will have the opportunity to collaborate with global leaders in the aviation industry. This will enable us to share our cybersecurity expertise and integrate our solutions more effectively within the aviation sector.

Access to Global Insights and Trends

Participation in the program provides us with access to the latest industry insights and trends, which is crucial for our ongoing R&D efforts and for staying ahead of emerging cybersecurity challenges in aviation.

Networking Opportunities

The program offers unparalleled networking opportunities with industry leaders, allowing us to establish new partnerships and strengthen existing ones. This will enhance our market presence and open new avenues for business growth.

Influence in Industry Standards

Our involvement will also allow us to contribute to the development of industry standards, particularly in areas related to cybersecurity in aviation. This aligns with our mission to pioneer and elevate cybersecurity standards globally.

Visibility and Recognition

Being part of this elite group increases our visibility and recognition in the global aviation industry, positioning BARIKAT Cyber Security Group of Companies as a key player in aviation cybersecurity.

Educational and Training Opportunities

The program provides access to IATA’s training and educational resources, which will be invaluable for our staff’s professional development and for staying updated with the latest industry practices.

Together, Towards Greater Heights!

This remarkable achievement would not have been possible without the unwavering dedication, hard work, and expertise of our employees and partners. Their commitment to excellence and innovation has been instrumental in reaching this milestone.

We are proud of what we have achieved with our ecosystem and look forward to continuing our journey towards greater heights!